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I’m just a California girl with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair, that’s a Led Zeppelin lyric but I totally relate.

For as long as I can remember my favorite hobby was pulling out boxes of photographs and sifting through the hundreds of thousands of family photos. I would ask my mom “mom when was this?” and so the story would begin. To this day looking at printed film makes me all giddy inside!

As a teenager I was the girl who toted around my disposable cameras EVERYWHERE! My friends couldn’t wait for me to upload everyone’s candids onto Myspace, those were the days haha. I would get comments like “wow your photos are so cool, what kind of camera did you use?”

In my early young adult years I found myself in love and on a constant adventure with the opportunity to live in some beautifully inspiring places; two of which included San Francisco and San Diego. I photographed my love, my day-to-day, my outings, my personal life. And then one day I found myself photographing other people’s love and it became by far the most fulfilling. The rest is history…

Lover of the ocean, california, the 70's, golden light, being barefoot, road trips with my babe, VW's, solo jam sessions in my car, wild hair, tiki bars, getting lost in new places, dancing, sushi and good music.

how i do things

So if you’ve gotten this far you’re probably thinking “wow great photos, but we’re so awkward.” I literally hear that last part almost every time I photograph one of my couples for the first time. My photography style is photo-journalistic and prompt based, this means that your photos will tell a story as it unfolds through the day. Will I capture those once in a lifetime candid moments? You betcha. Will I capture those traditional bride & groom portraits that you will hang on your wall and grandma will love? You betcha. I will give you the best of both worlds!

Together we will tell your story, your way. Whether that’s dancing on the beach to your favorite song, running wildly down open roads, cozy at home with your love & pup or hanging at your favorite coffee shop together. My goal is to make you feel comfortable behind the camera and make your photos feel 100% YOU.

Show me your world and let’s create something magical TOGETHER.

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